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"The chief obstacles to man’s survival on this overburdened planet lie in the minds of men. Most people find difficulty in adjusting to ideas that do not fit in with the habits and thought patterns of generations - especially when, as with feeding habits in the West, both producers and consumers are subject to the high pressure salesmanship of the meat, dairy and chemical industries.

If we are to meet the challenge of the human population explosion, we must free ourselves from all ‘sacred cows’, all outdated ideas and learn to think and act boldly, imaginatively and compassionately.”

Two Population Explosions (Vegan Society leaflet) - 1972

Kathleen Jannaway, writing in:
Two Population Explosions (Vegan Society leaflet) - 1972 

Kathleen went on to found The Movement for Compassionate Living in 1984.

The parable of the feet.

I used to trip over a lot. My feet didn’t get along. They both wanted me to get to places but they couldn’t agree on who should take the lead. When I went to jump they’d fight about which one should be the stabiliser and which the power… they weren’t working together and it meant that I never managed to get where I wanted to be.

My competing feet were always at odds with one another. Their disagreement caused other parts of me pain, a fall while running meant a broken nose. A trip while climbing stairs sprained a wrist.

Something had to happen.

I started wearing my left shoe on my right foot (and vice versa). At first it was uncomfortable. Both feet trying to relate to the lived experiences of the other. Both trying to use their own lives to influence the other’s practice.

Then after some time the feet found balance. No longer were they tip-toeing around the edges, no toe-dipping into the other’s experience. My feet were knee deep in the other’s reality and they learnt to accept it.

My feet have walked miles in each-other’s shoes and now better understand each other. As a result I no longer trip as often as I once did.

The lesson: if you’re in a group working towards the same goal try to understand the people beside you. By relating to each other you’ll make the journey safer and increase the chances of it being a success.



Will Potter is blowing out candles hoping we can meet the reach goal for the expanded drone project. Everything helps — all new donations are being matched!

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